These are the guiding principles of our social responsibility program.

We strive to make a difference through young Cambodian well-being; To make a little difference our hotel has choose to help developing futsal in Cambodia with a vision on mid and long term.

Futsal Blossoming

We have watched Siem Reap’s relationship with futsal blossom over the last decade. Twelve fields have sprouted up around town in the last few years, hosting friendly matches seven days a week. Futsal is similar to football, but it is played on a smaller pitch with fewer players. In other countries it is played indoors, but here it is played outside – even when it is raining. 


Dormant Spirit

Recalling Cambodia’s reputable national team from the early 1960s, we believe the love for football here had been lying dormant for a few decades. 

First Futsal League Sparks Fan Frenzy

So we have engaged ourselves to help the new generation to practice futsal and football in order to educate them through the sport’s spirit. Our 1st mission was to create the first competitive futsal league in Siem Reap. The first league raised in September 2015 reuniting 8 of the best teams in town. It ended on 2nd November and was a complete success. The first matches drew a crowd five times bigger than expected, and  spectators were pushing up against the netting around the pitch for a closer view every Monday evening – even during heavy rainfall. With seating for just 50 people, 250 people arrived every week. 


The 2nd league is still running and had started mid-November and will end early April. It’s reuniting this time 14 teams. The league is called “Irina Super League” and has it’s own facebook page:    

Sponsors Sign Up

The 1st league has caught the interest of sponsors Coca Cola and Tiger Beer, with just nine foreign players out of nearly 100, incentives for fair play, and a female referee. Now the 2nd league has attracted additional sponsors within Siem Reap community such as Ezecom (best internet provider in Cambodia), Charlie’s bar, Blue Pumpkin bakery, Angkor Wat bar Daskhin Indian restaurant, Rockabilly’s bar and so on… 

Growing Opportunities 

We hope the league will evolve over time to incorporate youth leagues that will cultivate local talent as well as expand the city’s love for football. 


Football-crazed Brazil as a point of comparison. Young Brazilian footballers play futsal until 16, before graduating to playing football on full-sized pitches.  Cambodian players may not be as big as their global peers but they are fast and their technique – even without coaching – cannot be underestimated. 

Looking to the future, we envisions organizing friendly competitions with foreign teams to raise the level of competition. The ultimate goal is to find and prepare talent to play in the Cambodian professional league and maybe find the first one to play abroad. People from all over the world make a living playing sports, and, Cambodians can too.

Khmer team “Kiridong Rek FC” (runner up of the 1st Irina League) are already raising eyebrows and playing competitive matches across the country. In February 2015 they beat 63 other teams to win the well know a Tiger street tournament.


Wish to get involved? 

If you love sports and also believe like us that it can make a real difference in 3rd world country you can get involve by donating football equipments such as shin guards, goalkeeper gloves, set of uniform, socks and so on. You can also help by sponsoring one of the league team or a youth team. You can contact Pavillon d’Orient General Manager Sebastien Ung if you wish to know more about our project!