At Pavillon d'Orient boutique-hotel we are proud to make all the necessary efforts to be an Eco-Friendly place. For this we are making regular search to find the best way to limit the use of water, plastics, and chemical products and so on. We have implemented already few things that will help to protect our precious planet:

- We make up our guest's rooms everyday. However linen will only be change if the specific card is left on the bed. For the towels they will only be change if put on the floor. This is due to the fact that one of the Asia's biggest problem is the lack and pollution of existing water supplies

- Our guest’s rooms bins does not have plastic bag. We are cleaning the bins everyday but do not put any plastic bag in order to limit the propagation of plastic which is one of the biggest problems in Cambodia

- Our latest project is to limit the use of plastic bottle. Therefore since November 2016 we are now providing clean glass bottle to our clients upon check in. Those bottles can be refilled anytime at one of our pure drinking water fountains.

We will proudly continue to work on the best way to protect the environment and we will put regular update on this page!